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About elfai

elfai is a smart fashion platform designed to help its users feel groovy and look their best by making conscious  shopping choices. Thanks to its artificial intelligence-based technology, elfai analyzes each user's own style within seconds and makes personalized outfit recommendations in line with the latest fashion trends. In addition to making personalized shopping recommendations among thousands of products from e-commerce stores, elfai enables users to dress in accordance with the fashion trends every day by making outfit suggestions from their own clothes.

What Does elfai Offer You?


Your Personal Stylist

Users can instantly create fashionable outfits in line with their own style from thousands of products on e-commerce platforms and save hours of tiring browsing.

Keep Up with Fashion Trends

Thanks to its artificial intelligence-based technology, elfai periodically analyzes fashion trends on social media platforms and enables its users to own outfits in line with the latest fashion trends.

Unleash Your Closet's Potential

Our users can reveal the potential of their closets by uploading their own clothes to the application. Our advanced artificial intelligence technology helps them to create new and inspiring outfits from their existing collections.

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